Criteria to establish demand for fleet operators

The expansion of the charging infrastructure in the second phase is conducted according to the development of demand. Criteria were developed for individual users and e-fleet operators. Once these have been met, the charging infrastructure is established at the desired location, as long location suitability and technical feasibility requirements have been met.

Fleet operators have to meet the following criteria in order to establish demand:

1) Proof of purchase or transfer of use (e.g. leasing) for two electric vehicles that were registered to them in Berlin after January 1, 2015,

2) Commitment by the operator not to reduce their total number of used electric vehicles in Berlin for a planned operating period of at least two years starting from the submission date of the documents. 

In addition to these criteria, the charging infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the desired located will be considered a demand indicator. A distinction is made between stationary and flexible electric vehicle fleets.  

Demand can be determined for operators of stationary electric vehicle fleets as long as more than six charging points have not yet been established within an area with a diameter of 1,000 m.

Demand can be determined for operators of flexible electric vehicle fleets if, in the three months prior to the application, 50% of AC charging points were used at least once per day, 1.5 times per day after January 1, 2016, and twice per day after January 1, 2017.

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