Operating instructions for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

You start a session at a charging point using a registered RFID card.

An overview of registered mobility service providers can be found at www.be-emobil.de           

To start a session, hold your RFID card in front of the RFID symbol beneath the display on the front of the charging point.

After successful authorisation the charging point is ready and the sockets are opened. Plug your charging cable into either the right or the left side.

Now connect your charging cable to your EV.

As soon as the connection between the vehicle and the charging point is established, the charging cable will be locked and the charging process will start.

You can end the charging process by again holding your RFID card in front of the RFID symbol. The plug will be unlocked.

The plug attached to the EV can now be pulled out.

Pull the plug out of the charging point. Have a good trip!

In case of trouble: 0800 88 66 200

Would you like to report a fault? Please use our hotline.

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