What is the current status of the charging infrastructure expansion?

Last revised: July 1, 2017

The demand-oriented phase has been completed. In the supply-oriented phase, 359 charging points for electric vehicles were installed in public and semi-public spaces within a total of 169 search spaces.

There are 159 charging stations in public spaces, as well as six charging stations and three wall boxes in semi-public spaces. In addition, eleven streetlight charging stations and six fast charging stations were installed.

We documented and certified 850 locations to establish the charging infrastructure in the first phase. We queried grid provider Stromnetz Berlin to ascertain the suitability of 550 locations for connection to the low-voltage grid. Around one-third of these were introduced into the approval procedure in coordination with the districts.

In addition to the supply-oriented phase, the demand-oriented phase (Phase II) started in January 2016, rolling out the expansion according to established demand.

To date, one streetlight charging point and three regular charging points were put into operation.

Efficient approval procedures by the responsible district authorities are the prerequisite for a fast expansion of the charging infrastructure. Berlin has provided the administrative conditions for a successful realization of the concept. A charging infrastructure office takes care of the coordination and implementation. A harmonized application and approval procedure was defined in cooperation with the responsible district authorities.

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