Is it possible to charge with plug connections from the CEE series, for example, the CEE-approved blue 16A 220V, also known as a camping plug?

No. The federal state of Berlin has set clear technical requirements for charging points. Only Type 2 sockets are allowed on AC charging points.

The automobile and energy industries have agreed on a common standard for the connection between vehicle and charging infrastructure. These standardized plug connections for the use of electric powered vehicles replace all existing plugs. However, in order to avoid giving preference to certain technologies it is still permitted to offer any vehicle-mounted system. In Germany it is stipulated that every charging point in a public space must be equipped either for "normal charging" (AC), compatible with Type 2 or for "quick charging" (DC), compatible with Combo2. During the pioneering phase the CEE plug was also in use. However, in accordance with the first draft of the charging point regulations from December 2014 only the above-mentioned plug connections are permitted.

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