Criteria to establish demand for provate users

The expansion of the charging infrastructure in the second phase is conducted according to the development of demand. Criteria were developed for individual users and e-fleet operators. Once these have been met, the charging infrastructure is established at the desired location, as long location suitability and technical feasibility requirements have been met.

Private users must meet the following criteria in order to establish demand:

1) Proof of purchase or transfer of use (e.g. a lease) for an electric vehicle,

2) The assurance of the buyer that the planned (continued) operating period/contract period of the electric vehicle is at least two years starting from the submission date of the documents,

3) Up-to-date evidence of a location where there is a regular demand for charging such as a residence or a workplace, in the vicinity of which a charging point is to be installed,

4) The assurance of the user that is not foreseeable that demand for charging will cease, e.g. through a change of residence or workplace.

In addition to these criteria, usage of nearby charging points will also be considered as a demand indicator. A request can be approved if, in the three months prior to the application, an AC 1-phase charging point within a 200-m radius was used at least once a day, or an AC 3-phase charging point within the same radius was used at least twice per day.

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