How is the price calculated at an be emobil charging point?

Mobility providers can register with Allego GmbH, the operator of the charging points, so that their customers can use the "Berlin standard" charging points. The operator charges the mobility provider for the usage of the charging infrastructure in 15 minute increments. The mobility provider can freely set the price to its customers for the use of the charging point. They do not have to adopt the 15 minute rate of billing.

The New Motion Deutschland GmbH is the first mobility service provider to register itself. Here the cost of one hour of charging (AC standard with 11 kW) is 3,98€ (one off starting cost of 0,77€; then 0,05€ per minute). You can authenticate yourself and charge with the The New Motion charging card. Other mobility service providers are currently involved in the registration process. As soon as more providers complete the registration process we will communicate this on the be emobil website.

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