How is the price calculated at a be-emobil charging point?

Mobility service providers can register with Allego GmbH so their customers can use charging points using the "Berlin Standard". The operator of the charging infrastructure charges the mobility service providers per charging session (flat rate). The mobility service providers are free to set their own prices for retail customers.

There are different types of charging points in Berlin. From streetlight charging points (max. 3.7 kW) to regular charging points (max. 11 kW) or wall boxes (max. 11 kW) up to fast charging points (max. 50kW DC / 43 kW AC). 

The retail prices* of the affiliated mobility service providers are as follows:



Mobility Service Provider

Streetlight Charger
(max. 3.7 kW)

Charging Point
(max. 11 kW)

Fast Charging Point
(max. 50 kW / AC 43 kW)





plus €0.35 transaction fee incl. sales tax per charge (transaction fees are only charged for the first 20 transactions per month)









plus €0.35 transaction fee incl. sales tax per charge

*All prices are subject to change Unfortunately, we were unable to get exact retail prices from The and Business Partners scheme currently comprises 110 partners, all of whom set their prices individually. Please contact your Ladenetz partner for current retail prices.

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