How is the price calculated at a be-emobil charging point?

Mobility service providers can register with Allego GmbH so their customers can use charging points using the "Berlin Standard". The mobility service providers are free to set their own prices for retail customers.

There are different types of charging points in Berlin. From streetlight charging points (max. 3.7 kW) to regular charging points (max. 11 kW) or wall boxes (max. 11 kW) up to fast charging points (max. 50kW DC / 43 kW AC). 

Overview of the connected mobility service providers

The New Motion makes unlimited mobility possible for everyone on the basis of renewable energies. Founded in the Netherlands in 2009, the firm today is the leading provider of charging and software solutions for drivers of private and leased vehicles as well as for charging points in Europe. The New Motion makes electric automobile travel possible everywhere by means of a charging card for charging. The New Motion enables companies to offer electric charging—economically and problem-free.

Plugsurfing is a registered mobility services provider. For charging processes a RFID charging key is required, charging via the app is currently not possible at the be emobil charging stations.

Logo_ladenetz_RGB_500px_gruen, an initiative of the smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH, is a network of public services which establish and link charging infrastructure. Local energy provider can join the network and become a part of the nationwide network, which offers boundless electric vehicle network. Boundless mobility means a simple use of all charging stations of the network. The smartlab connects via the e-roaming platform Europe-wide with players out of the electric vehicle network. There do exist roaming cooperations with other charging infrastrucure so that the network partners can offer their customers numerous possibilities for charging.


ChargeNow is a mobility service for public charging within the BMW group. ChargeNow is one of the biggest charging networks world wide.


With EnBW mobility+ you receive access to all charing stations of EnBW and his partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


With the MAINGAU Autostromtarif EinfachStromLaden you can charge your electric vehicle at more than 35,000 charging points in Europe - including almost 9,000 charging points in Germany.


You may also pay with the Smoov app - even without registration.


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